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Have you had Job where all you did was what you are told?  Are you tired of being denied time off to spend time with your family? Do you want a career that will allow you to have more family time?

What are you favorite past times?  Do you enjoy fishing, hunting, or bowling? Would you like to share with your friends and family you latest accomplishment?  How about a career where you have more time to enjoy your favorite hobbies?

Does your boss tell you that you have to come in on Saturday, after already working 50 hours, to finish up some project?  Do you want time to spend doing what you need to do and do it when you want to, not when you have to? Do you want a career where you are in charge of your work / life balance?

Are you always wondering how some one found the time to go back to school, and when you are not looking they are your boss?  Would you like to be able to continually learn new skills? How about a career where you are encouraged to develop your skills and build yourself a better career?

Are you running against the clock?  Do you have to get up extra early in the mornings just to make it to work on time? Do you have to take time off from work just so that the child care bill does not go over budget?  Do you want a career will you have the power to organize your day?

A career lasts a lifetime, why not have the career you deserve?  At the Digital Factory Network, we strive to put people to work from their home.  We are looking for employees who have more than a JOB in mind, but have a focus on their career!

Now is the time to choose the right path to a more balanced life!  We encourage you to click on a position that you are interested inlearning more about.  This is your path to a more balanced life!

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