Contact Center Services

Contact Center Services

Our Contact Center Agents understand they are the first contact with our client’s prospects. When interacting with a client’s prospect we build and maintain the best possible business relationship each time we make contact with them.  We inform the prospect of our client’s strengths using the four P’s formula: Professionalism, Presentation, Persuasion, and Persistence.


For a client’s marketing campaign, we train our Contact Center Agents on our client’s business.  This empowers our Contact Center Agents to make brief professional, compelling, presentations when speaking with senior level business people.


Before we begin a telemarketing campaign, we take time to learn about our clients’ business.  We learn what sets them apart from their competition.  We learn why the prospect will need the client’s goods or services. This enables us to make powerful presentations based on a thorough working knowledge of our clients’ business.  Equipped with this knowledge, we are able to positively, powerfully, convey our client’s message to their prospects.


Employing effective persuasion methods allows us to convey our client’s message in a compelling way.  There are four specific and fundamental steps involved in effective persuasion.

  • First, establish credibility.
  • Second, identify common ground to frame the goal of those to be persuaded.
  • Third, provide compelling evidence that reinforce the position using vivid language.
  • Fourth, connect with audience on an emotional level


At the appropriate time, persistence keeps us in contact with the clients’ prospects.  This gives us the opportunity to remind prospects about our Clients’ goods or services.  Answering the question, “Why should the prospect purchase our Clients’ goods or services?”  Persistence empowers us to help our clients meet their sales and marketing goals.


  • Drive unparalleled customer satisfaction
  • Create stronger customer relationships
  • Retain more customers
  • Reduce customer care costs and increase profits


  • Finding New Customers
  • Second Chance Customers
  • Sales and Services
  • Fundraising


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website ReDesign