Customer Service Skills will give you success as a Client Support Professional

Digital Factory Network recommends these Customer Service Skills for success as a Client Support Professional:

Do you have Customer Service Skills like the ones listed below?  You are a prime candidate for Client Support Professional position at Digital Factory Network.  Join the Digital Factory Network, and lets bring American Customer Support and TeleSales back to America!

  • Professional and capable of providing a high level of service.

  • Self-motivated.

  • Positive and optimistic outlook for all things in life.

  • Punctual and dependable

Communication Skills:

  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with both external customers and others associated with the program.

  • Ability to document customer account activities thoroughly and concisely.

  • Comprehension skills – ability to clearly understand and respond appropriately to the issues that customers present.

  • Composition skills – ability to consistently compose a grammatically correct, concise, and accurate written response to customer issues.

Functional Skills:

  • Billing Calls for Client’s Customers with opportunities for Sales.

  • Handle customer questions, complaints, and billing inquiries with the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism

  • Strive to resolve customer issues with one call resolution

  • Offer alternative solutions where appropriate with the objective of retaining customer’s business

  • Handle business transactions in connection with activation of new customer accounts

  • Communicate with customers using web-based tools and demonstrates the associated proficiency in typing and grammar

  • Make financial decisions to protect/collect revenues and adjusts customer accounts

Problem Solving Skills:

  • Ability to approach problems logically and with good judgment to ensure the appropriate customer outcome.

  • Desire to continually learn.

  • Ability to make appropriate decisions on behalf of the customer quickly and effectively.

  • Solution orientated and self-motivated.

Computer Skills:

  • Familiarity with multiple browsers, multiple tabs and window navigation and instant messenger tools

Service Requirements:

  • Minimum 15 hours per week, with 3-5 hours on Saturday and/or Sunday.

  • Maximum 40 hours per week, with 3-5 hours on Saturday and/or Sunday.




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