Hundreds of New Jobs West Tennessee

VisionNetwork & the Digital Factory Network is bringing hundreds of new JOBS West Tennessee

Over the last two years, VisionNetwork, with facilities in Dresden, Linden & Trenton, TN (VisionWeakley, VisionPerry & VisionGibson respectively), has developed a proven track record of providing the residents of West Tennessee job opportunities otherwise unavailable with more than a 100 positions offered to participants of the VisionNetwork training programs.

In an effort to provide hundreds of new Jobs West Tennessee, VisionNetwork has partnered with Digital Factory Network to bring these jobs to our local communities. “The options for employment in the today’s interconnected technology driven world are near endless” says Mike Thorne, Operating Manager, Digital Factory Network. “We provide telemarketing and internet marketing services. Our strategy to provide jobs for highly motivated and committed Rural Americans provides us with economies of scale.”

DRESDEN – VisionNetwork is partnering with Digital Factory Network bringing hundreds of new JOBS West Tennessee.

Rural Americans do not always have the same immediate economic opportunities such as those available in metropolitan areas.  VisionNetwork and Digital Factory Network utilize the latest in cloud based technologies to provide immediate economic opportunities to Rural Americans. DFN’s distributed workforce and the utilization of cloud based technologies allows us to be competitive with those same firms in the metropolitan areas. The same custom tailored contact center services can be offered for a fraction of the cost.

The VisionNetwork has a proven track record with more than a 100 positions offered to participants of the VisionNetwork training program since launching in 2012. “Partnering with the Digital Factory Network will allow us to offer even more positions to residents of West Tennessee while increasing their workforce. This will allow Digital Factory Network to return jobs to America that were previously outsourced to foreign companies” says John Davidson, the Facilitator at VisionGibson & VisionWeakley.

The VisionNetwork is currently taking applicants at all locations throughout West Tennessee. All interested participants can register by contacting VisionNetwork at (731) 562-0100 or by completing the online application through SmartRecruiters.

VisionWeakly - Hundreds of New Jobs West Tennessee

VisionWeakly in West Tennessee offers Customer Service Repentive Training

VisionGibson - Hundreds of New Jobs West Tennessee

VisionGibson in West Tennessee offers Offers Customer Service Representative training



VisionPerry - Hundreds of New Jobs West Tennessee

West Tennessee Customer Service Representative Training


For more information about Digital Factory Network, visit our career page at, you may also complete a job application at,  or call 931.536.4939 and Ask for Mike Thorne. Follow Digital Factory Network on LinkedIn, Google+ and follow on Twitter @DigitalFactoryN.

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