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About Us

Digital Factory Network was founded in 2012 by President and CEO, Michael Dumont.  We provide telemarketing and internet marketing services. Our strategy to provide jobs to highly motivated and committed rural Americans provides us with an economies of scale. Rural Americans do not always have the same immediate economic opportunities such as those available in metropolitan areas.  We utilizes the latest cloud based technologies.  Our distributed workforce allows us to be competitive with those firms in metropolitan areas. In simple terms we offer the same custom services for a fraction of the cost. Our employees have an appreciation and commitment to Digital Factory Network’s Mission, Vision, and Philosophy.  Rural Americans are proud to be part of the revitalization of America!


Our Mission is to provide jobs for rural Americans (who are committed to excellence), and to increase your company’s sales via our Contact Center Services.  We provide these services at a significantly lower price point than our domestic competitors.


Our vision is to return jobs to America that were outsourced to foreign companies during the digital revolution. Our vision is to provide a competitive solution to your company’s sales and marketing needs; Right here on U.S. soil using the latest technologies.


Our Philosophy is to provide the highest quality telemarketing solutions at a competitive price point while putting Rural Americans to work.