The Digital Factory Network located in Tennessee has developed a strategy that provides employment for Rural Americans as well and provides low cost, highly efficient and professional contact centers for American businesses. These Contact Centers or Digital Factories rely on the same IT advances that ushered in the era of outsourcing to foreign nations.

In Rural areas and small towns in the United States, the availability of appropriate training with immediate employment opportunity is virtually non-existent. At DFN, we exercise our strategy producing hundreds of new jobs for Rural Americans with salaries that are above average for the geographic area. At the same time we are able to offer a highly competitive pricing structure for our contact center solutions to American companies. Contact us for additional information on how we can help your business grow through increased sales and personalized, quality customer care to service your customer base.


The availability of appropriate training with immediate employment opportunities is virtually non-existent in rural areas and small towns. DFN, a coordinated solution of in-house training and employment, reverses current job losses, creating new jobs in the digital information sector.



DFN provides a quality option for companies seeking cost effective information technology and contact center services with an emphasis on quality, visibility and accessibility.



• Outbound Telemarketing Services
• Inbound Telemarketing Services
• Blended Telemarketing Services
• Customer Support
• Tech Support
• Contact Center Staff Augmentation



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